Wébinaire David Pfennig

Pour notre second wébinaire plasphen, le 16 mars 2021 à 14h, nous avons la chance d’accueillir David Pfennig (hôte: Vincent Debat), pour nous parler du lien entre plasticité et origines des innovations phénotypiques. Pour y accéder, il faut s’inscrire ici. Plus de détails ci-dessous.

Phenotypic plasticity and the evolutionary origins of novel traits
David Pfennig
Dept. of Biology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hil

One of biology’s most significant unresolved problems is to understand how novel, complex traits originate and subsequently diversify. A growing number of biologists have been asking whether environmentally initiated phenotypic change––phenotypic plasticity––precedes, and even facilitates, evolutionary innovation and diversification. However, this ‘plasticity-led evolution’ hypothesis remains controversial, primarily because comprehensive tests from natural populations are generally lacking. In my talk, I’ll briefly describe the plasticity-led evolution hypothesis, present key criteria to allow tests in diverse natural systems, and discuss a test of these criteria using natural populations of spadefoot toads. Generally, phenotypic plasticity might play an underappreciated role in promoting adaptive evolution.

Vidéo de la présentation: