Wébinaire Alison Bell

Le 10 mai 2022, Alison Bell a donné un wébinaire PlasPhen sur les bases moléculaires de la plasticité de comportement chez les épinoches.

Titre: Molecular mechanisms of behavioral and transgenerational plasticity: Insights from sticklebacks

Abstract:  Animals are famous for their remarkable behavioral plasticity, but we know little about the underlying molecular mechanisms. In this talk I will present results from my lab’s studies on threespined stickleback, a species famous for its behavioral repertoire. Male threespined sticklebacks are territorial during the breeding season, provide all of the parental care that is necessary for offspring survival and exhibit dramatic behavioral plasticity in aggression, courtship and parental care. I will show how the expression of suites of genes change in a coordinated fashion in the brain following a territorial intrusion, and what we have learned about their regulation. I’ll then show how the brain gene expression profile of male sticklebacks change as they proceed through different stages of paternal care, and evidence that the molecular mechanisms underlying paternal care in a fish are shared with maternal care in mammals, suggesting deep evolutionary conservation. Finally, I’ll show that there are commonalities between behavioral and transgenerational plasticity at both the behavioral and molecular level, and consider their implications for the evolution of plasticity.