Réunion annuelle 2022

La réunion annuelle 2022 du GDR Plasticité Phénotypique a eu lieu à Montpellier les 17-18 octobre 2022, pour la première fois en présentiel depuis 2019!  

Ci-dessous le programme final du colloque:

Monday 17/10
14:00Luis-Miguel Chevin
Vincent Debat
General introduction to the GDR and the meeting
Mechanisms of plasticity
14:20Jean-Michel GibertDevelopmental plasticity of dorso-central bristles in Drosophila
14:40Apolline PetitPlasticity and gene regulatory network evolution : theory vs experimental evolution
15:00Auréline LalouetteExperimenting the plasticity of sensitivity from field-populations of Gammarus fossarum in response to chronic cadmium contamination: tolerance acquisition, transfer and reversibility.
15:20Coffee Break
15:50Nicolas RodeTesting for microbiota-induced adaptive plasticity in an invasive fly
16:10Tom Van DoorenPost-maturation plasticity in termite reproductives
16:30Thomas Tully (online)Genetic diversity and plasticity of actuarial and reproductive senescence in a Collembola
16:50General discussion
17:30End of first day

Tuesday 18/10
The ecology of plasticity
09:00Aurélien EstaragueEcological trade-offs within the distribution range of Arabidopsis thaliana
09:20Mathieu JoronPhenology variation along altitudinal gradients in butterflies
09:40Paul CuchotHow is phenological plasticity constrained by the environment?
10:00Léo DéjeuxTemporal dynamics, evolution and mechanisms of transgenerational plasticity in a prey-predator context
10:20Nathalie ZeballosIs Programmed Cell Death in a unicellular green algae a form of adaptive plasticity?
10:40Coffee Break
Plasticity’s role in evolution
11:10Laurent LoisonPlasticity and speciation: on a neglected dimension of the concept of organic selection (1930-1950)
11:30Nicholas PlanidinEpigenetic reproductive isolation
11:50Gonzalo SabarisAssimilation of an acquired character by plasticity guided genetic and epigenetic inheritance
12:10Antoine FraimoutAlignment between plasticity and evolutionary divergence in stickleback behaviour
12:30Lunch: Buffet in the CEFE Rotonde
  Session on GDR Stipendees
14:00Julie CampanaDispersal plasticity driven by variation in fitness across species and environmental gradients
14:20Marie RescanExperimental evolution of environmental tolerance, acclimation, and physiological plasticity in a randomly fluctuating environment
14:40Camille Desjonquères (online)Social plasticity in signals and preferences enhances signal-preference co-divergence
15:00Valentin Cabon (online)Adjustment of preferred temperatures of arthropods in the context of urban heat islands
15:20Laure Olazcuaga (online)Rapid and transient evolution of local adaptation to seasonal host fruits in an invasive fly
15:40Discussion about the future of GDR
16:15End of meeting